Great National Alliance for Panama ready to join the second phase of the dialogue

The Great National Alliance for Panama (GANA) called on educators to avoid a work stoppage and street closures. These reactions of the Alliance occur in view of the warnings of actions launched by teachers due to the lack of compliance with the allocation of 5.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for education and the budget cut that the education sector has received.
GANA asked the government to guarantee free transit and to jointly find strategies for dialogue.
Alicia Jiménez, president of FEDECAMARAS, and a member of the Alliance stressed that the right to free movement and that patients can receive medical care and that young people can get to their schools, must be guaranteed by the Government and stressed that it cannot be repeat the scenario of the month of July since this would greatly affect the economic and productive sectors of the country.
They stressed that these closures and the stoppage of classes always affect students who miss out on receiving knowledge in the classrooms.
The Great National Alliance for Panama also referred to the beginning of the second phase of the dialogue table, which is scheduled for October 6 and 7, and emphasized that proposals will be brought in line with the national reality and focused on the needs that the country has, for example in the educational sector.
“We are ready to add, to contribute with all the knowledge and experiences of the more than 150 civic organizations of producers, teachers, businessmen, employers and unions at the national level,” said Jiménez, indicating that what was done in the first phase will also be reviewed. of the dialogue.
He said that they have proposals for economic reactivation, for the generation of jobs and the revitalization of the economy.
According to the Deputy Minister of Labor and Labor Development, Roger Tejada, for the second phase they expect to discuss topics such as food security and sovereignty, human rights, environment and native peoples, housing and habitat (public infrastructure), education, youth and social development. , Health and social security; among others.

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