INDI will buy tickets for indigenous communities

The Paraguayan Indigenous Institute (INDI) called for a tender for the transportation service for indigenous people to their respective communities. The call ID is 418295, the publication date was September 13 and the opening of offers will be this Monday, September 26. As this is an open contract, the final amount to be paid may vary. The minimum value is G. 253 million and the maximum is G. 506 million.

Regarding the justification of the open contract, the INDI argued that the needs of the requested service cannot be defined exactly, because the amount of services to be acquired depends on the occurrence of events according to the transfer needs of the beneficiaries, which makes it impossible to accurately estimate the services.

Arturo Machado, director of the civil cabinet of INDI, reported that each year they bid for the acquisition of tickets that are normally used by the leaders of the indigenous communities to carry out their efforts in Asunción. “Normally when they are going to come to the capital they are provided with the ticket so they can move,” he explained.

He pointed out that these resources will not be used for the transfer of communities that are stationed in the INDI, claiming claims. Since these groups are mobilized with vehicles from the municipalities and governorates where they reside. And the returns to their communities take place with vehicles from the National Emergency Secretariat (SEN) and the Armed Forces.


The bus rental costs per department were set as follows; Caaguazú (G. 468 thousand), San Pedro (G. 923 thousand), Canindeyú (G. 1.1 million), Caazapá (G. 375 thousand), Alto Paraná (G. 515 thousand), Amambay (G. 681 thousand ), Concepción (G. 550 thousand), Itapúa (G. 530 thousand), Guairá (G. 171 thousand), Presidente Hayes (G. 2.2 million), Boquerón (G. 1.7 million), Alto Paraguay ( G. 1.3 million).

The companies invited to participate in the call were; Golondrina SA Transport Company San Luis SA Transport Company, Guaireña Transport and Tourism Company SRL Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Company CISA Nueva Asunción Transport SA

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