Globant was recognized for its employee wellness policies

In the world, Globant has more than 22 thousand employees. In Uruguay, the firm exceeded 1,000 workers, which are divided into three offices in the country: Aguada Park, World Trade Center and Punta del Este.

In each branch, both leaders and employees work under a culture that positioned them in second place in the list of the best companies with more than 150 employees to work for in Uruguay.

“It is an honor to be part of the ranking” said the people executive director of Globant for Latin America, Verónica Giménez. “It reflects the work we have been doing for more than 11 years in Uruguay”he added.

This has the objective of give each glober –the way in which the company’s employees are called–, tools for their professional development, maintaining a balance with their personal life.

In order to position itself as a company that looks after the needs of each employee, Globant carries out a series of programs that –attending to different verticals–, seek to promote well-being in the life of each glober.

In that sense, They have programs so that each employee can develop to the maximum. On the one hand, they have the platform Global University that encourages training in various skills. On the other, they have open career; which invites you to participate in one of the more than 800 projects that the firm has together with different brands from around the world.

They also emphasize widespread assistance to globers. The employee assistance program (or employee assistance program) is a platform through which comprehensive help is provided, whether on issues related to family, health, finances and others. “We work with professionals who watch over the well-being of each globerGimenez said.

On the other hand, Globant’s culture encourages fun. With after office, bowling, fully equipped music room, karaoke, ping-pong and grill, the company is committed to the integration of its employees in a relaxed environment. As far as leisure is concerned, the firm also offers services such as massages and hairdressing.

“We think of the office as a meeting space, where teams can interact in a flexible way; without a scheme of fixed positions”, said Giménez.

In 2021, Globant opened an office in Maldonado within an ecosystem of tranquility and contact with nature as it is in front of the beach.

According to Gimenez, the use of both programs and spaces is dynamic: “The globers interests and needs alternate. Therefore, at different times, different employees use different benefits.”

Adapting to the pandemic

As a digital native company, Globant managed to go from face-to-face to remote work in record time.

What’s more, managed to maintain the corporate culture through various digital tools. One of them is the recognition platform start me up. There, any glober can distinguish another by a particular highlight. “It is a social platform; all employees can see these recognitions”, explained Giménez. They also have a continuous feedback platform.

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