Giving relaxation: the trend adopted by Uruguayans for Mother’s Day

Massages, facial and body treatments or manicures are just some of the proposals that have become all the rage in recent days on the eve of Mother’s Day. According to companies in the sector, the end of the health emergency prompted Uruguayans to choose experiences as gifts. In this sense, Santiago Bonino, director of the company Bigbox—a platform dedicated to selling experiences—indicated that 2022 continues a trend of particular growth in the field. “In the period from 2020 to 2021 the increase was practically 110%.”

Although some gourmet experiences such as brunch and dinner are chosen by Uruguayans for the occasion, the wellness category currently represents 70% of Bigbox’s total sales in the country.

In this regard, Bonino assured El Observador that, for the company, Mother’s Day is the second holiday in number of sales, ranking only behind Christmas. “It sells twice as much as in a typical month,” he said.

According to the owner of the platform, 99% of those honored in the field of well-being are women. The idea of ​​paying tribute to mothers with relaxing options is attributed, according to Bonino, to “wanting to give a relaxing experience to reduce the stress of their day-to-day life.”

The profile of experience buyers is mainly female. However, the Bigbox representative asserted that the demand is increasingly diversified as the offer is made up of options ranging from $700 to $500.


In the main spa and beauty centers, Mother’s Day was far from going unnoticed. According to Lourdes Rapalin, director of Bethel Spa, the sale for Mother’s Day in 2022 “is impressive.” “We have been selling spa gifts for 15 days. People are very in tune with giving experiences,” the businesswoman remarked.

For Rapalin, the pandemic was a before and after for the sector. “It no longer happens to have, but to live and feel. Feeling at peace, living different experiences, being pampered and loved,” she reflected.

Along these lines, he added that the best-selling experience in the case of his business for Mother’s Day is the “emerald spa”, a proposal to share. “They choose it for mothers and daughters or between friends, it is being a success,” Rapalin revealed about this three and a half hour experience of relaxation with personalized service.

The same trend is replicated in Alicia Risotto’s natural aesthetic medicine center.

Asked about the center’s sales for this day, Risotto assured that “there has been growth” and remarked that the fact of “giving something to make mom feel good makes it the option par excellence.” In this sense, she coincided with the vision of Rapalin and Bonino about the impulse that the end of the health emergency gave to this type of experience.

In this center, the best-selling product to date is the ultralipo shock, a body treatment that can be “addressed to the needs of each woman”. “This plan has a discount of 35% in 15 sessions and five sessions of another treatment to tone the muscle part as a gift”.

In addition, Alicia Risotto offers facial treatments and a detox spa day that includes body scrubs, massages, and a healthy lunch or snack.

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