El Senado no interpelará a Gloria Reyes por Supérate

The Senate will not question Gloria Reyes for Supérate

The general director of Supérate, Glory Reyeswill not be questioned by the Senate of the Republic for the millionaire fraud that was committed with said social assistance program.

The information was offered by the Justice Commission of the Upper House, which announced that it will render an unfavorable report at the request of the senator for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Yvan Lorenzo.

Meanwhile, Reyes, who was received by the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella, told Lorenzo to wait for the results of the investigations headed by the Public ministry regarding the fraud against the State with the Supérate cards.

The head of said social assistance program added that she is also waiting for the report from the Chamber of Accounts on the subject, on an audit requested by her person.

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In May of this year, it is recalled that the head judge of the Office of Permanent Care Services of the Monte Plata provinceCarmen Daniela Araújo Rivas, sentenced to six months of pre-trial detention as a measure of coercion against Tree men accused of clone 558 cards get over programarrested in flagrante delicto last Thursday, April 21, in the Sabana Grande de Boyá municipality.

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the named Yefri José Feliz Rodríguez; David Then Russel and Raudi Beltrán Eleuterio; 28, 30 and 18 years old, respectively, they were sent to the prison of The victoryafter Judge Araujo Rivas accepted the petition of the prosecutor Ángela Contreras Albuez, to impose prison and declare the complex case against the accused.

After three postponements, this Thursday the hearing was held in which the measure was imposed on those accused of defrauding 558 beneficiaries of the Bonogás subsidy, residents of the community of Sabana Grande de Boyá, who were arrested in flagrante delicto, occupying them in addition to plastics; four cell phones, 19 chips, an electrical machine, several bauchers and receipts, adhesive tape and four credit cards.

The Public Ministry was accompanied by the team of lawyers from the Administrator of Social Subsidies (ADESS), made up of Mr. Inocencio Martínez and the Legal Officer, Sol Ángel Rodríguez, who represented the institution that became a civil party to be able to prosecute the cases. cases of fraud to social protection programs, successfully.

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