Gas station attacked in Los Mameyes

Santo Domingo.- Six armed and hooded men assaulted a gas station in the Los Mameyes sector, East Santo Domingo, carrying an undetermined sum of money.

The business’s surveillance camera captured the moment when five of the individuals, aboard a gray double-cab truck, dismounted, immediately executing the commando-type assault and with apparent military training.

The assailants are caught on video leaving the gas station.

According to the video, the incident occurred last Saturday afternoon and the assailants were observed wearing bulletproof vests, Uzi-type weapons and shotguns.

While the robbery was taking place, a group of people who were in a business in front of the gas station ran in terror upon realizing the situation, closing the aforementioned premises.

Although the video does not show if there were shots, it is unknown if any employee or client of the place was injured in any way in the middle of the assault.

It is unknown that police investigate the assault.

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