García willing to send soldiers to school canteens in case of strike on Wednesday

García willing to send soldiers to school canteens in case of strike on Wednesday

Photo: MDN
Photo: MDN

The Minister of National Defense, Javier García, said that the armed forces are “ready” to go out and manage the school canteens in the event of a strike next Wednesday.

“There should be nothing more important than the education reform, and see if it will be important that, as soon as the education authorities began talking about this, they were warned of a strike for midweek,” said García, commenting on the reform that promoted by the government and led by the president of Anep’s Codicen, Robert Silva.

“I spoke with Robert Silva and with Graciela Fabeyro (Primary director) and I told them: ‘if on Wednesday you see that there may be a problem with the feeding of the gurises, let me know quickly that the armed forces are ready to coordinate the dining rooms’” , he expressed.

It is probable that the military services offered by García are not necessary, since the organization of the strike announced that there will be union guards in the school cafeterias, so that the most vulnerable students do not lack food.

“We are especially sensitive to the situation that our children are going through, that is why we claim the need to attend to their nutrition, not one day, but every day,” says the statement released on June 10 by the Uruguayan Federation of Teachers – Primary Education Workers (FUM). -TEP) in which they warned that the government has perpetrated a cut of 200 million pesos in school meals, while announcing an “emergency system of food distribution by territorial headquarters.”

rejected plane

On another topic, García confirmed that Uruguay denied entry into its airspace to a Venezuelan-flagged aircraft sanctioned by the United States and that it had been detained in Argentina on Wednesday.

“It was because of information that the Ministry of the Interior had received from foreign agencies and that was sent to Uruguay. I am responsible for making that decision by virtue of the information and the little time there was to check it, the plane was over the Río de la Plata, ”said the minister at a press conference this Sunday after the National Congress of the space sector. 40 of the National Party.

The plane in question came from Mexico on Monday, bound for Ezeiza, in Buenos Aires, but had to divert to Córdoba, where it refueled and took off that same afternoon to reach the Buenos Aires airport.

On Wednesday, he took off from the Ministro Pistarini Airport and flew over the Río de la Plata, but later returned to the same runway where he was held when he landed. Entry into Uruguayan airspace was denied, but the Demolition Law protocol was not activated.

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