Iranian Vessel Delivery Shows Efficiency of Endurance Economy

Iranian Vessel Delivery Shows Efficiency of Endurance Economy

The recent delivery of the Iranian oil tanker “Yoraco” to Venezuela shows the failure of US pressure and sends a message of authority from Tehran and Caracas.

“Since we are under the intensive and maximum sanctions of the Americans, this measure is a quite important step to ignore and neutralize the brutal sanctions of the United States. and overcome the pressures imposed on us by the West,” said the expert on issues. international Jafar Qanadbashi.

In an interview granted this Sunday to the Iranian news agency IRNA, the specialist has said that the delivery of the second tanker to Venezuela carries messages both nationally and internationally. At home, he continued, “sends the message of hope and that Iran has great capabilities that can make the Islamic Republic a powerful and economically capable country.”

At the international level, adds Qanadbashi, the message is addressed to the countries sanctioned by the US to assure them that they can establish relations with Iran in order to create complementary economies and thus “respond to their needs without resorting to colonial countries.”

“The sanctioned countries, if they can work together, will move away from dependence on the colonial world and send a message of authority to the oppressive US sanctions,” the expert stressed.

He added that the United States, more than before, has realized the failure of its so-called “maximum pressure” policy against the Islamic Republic.

Iran has made significant progress in shipbuilding and industry in recent years and has developed several domestic and international projects.

The second type tanker Iranian-made Aframax was delivered to Venezuela on Saturday in a ceremony held in Tehran (Persian capital) with the presence of the presidents of the Islamic Republic and the South American country, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi and Nicolás Maduro, respectively.

It should be noted that Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi said that two more tankers are being built, which he hopes will be ready for delivery to Venezuela soon.

During the event, Raisi highlighted that the 113,000-ton tanker built by the Iranian naval industry is “an example of the capacity and effectiveness of the resistance economy model in a situation where enemies are trying to impede the progress of nations. free from Iran and Venezuela by imposing restrictions against them.”

In fact, the two countries are targets of US unilateral coercive measures, and have advocated strengthening bilateral cooperation as a mutual defense measure against US sanctions.

In this same framework, President Nicolás Maduro has just completed a two-day visit to Iran, where the two sides drew a 20-year cooperation map.

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