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Fuel prices will not move; Texas crude goes down

The prices will be valid from this Saturday until the 24th.

Fuel prices will remain unchanged for the week between this Saturday, December 18 and 24, reported the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM).

The government will assume the increases in the various hydrocarbons, the institution said. Prices will remain like this: premium gasoline will sell for RD $ 270.10. regular gasoline at RD $ 255.50 a gallon. Regular diesel at RD $ 201.10. The optimal diesel at RD $ 219.10, avtur at RD $ 180.68 and kerosene at RD $ 209.80.

Meanwhile, fuel oil # 6 continues to be marketed at RD $ 153.64 per gallon and fuel oil 1% S at RD $ 172.01.

In the case of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), its price remains at RD $ 141.10 per gallon, and natural gas at RD $ 28.97 per cubic meter. The average weekly exchange rate is RD $ 56.97 for the daily publications of the Central Bank.

Yesterday, the Texas intermediate oil price (WTI) closed with a loss of 1.52% and stood at $ 70.86, fearing the consequences that the expansion of the new omicron variant of the coronavirus may have on fuel demand.

According to data, at the end of operations on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), a barrel of oil in the WTI futures contracts for January delivery lost 1.52 dollars compared to the previous session. In the weekly global, the WTI has fallen 1.13%.

The so-called American black gold has already started the day in negative after two days of optimism due to the announcement of the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) last Wednesday and a new fall in oil inventories.

The Fed announced last Wednesday that it will accelerate the reduction of its economic stimulus program due to the good performance of the economy; its president Jerome Powell said that “the economy is robust and no longer needs monetary support.”

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