Former Sandinista guerilla Dora María Téllez obtains Spanish nationality

Former Sandinista guerilla Dora María Téllez obtains Spanish nationality

The Government of Spain nationalized this Wednesday 14 Nicaraguan opponents who were declared “stateless” by the government of Daniel Ortega, among them is the mythical Sandinista ex-guerrilla and historian Dora Maria Tellezreleased along with 222 political prisoners in February, but exiled in the United States.

With this new list they add a total of 28 opponents who have been welcomed by Spain. The first list was published a few weeks ago and also included 14 more benefited Nicaraguans, according to consists in it State official newsletter.

Apart from Téllez, the economist Edipcia Dubón appears in this new publication; former deputy and lawyer Eliseo Núñez; the security expert Elvira Cuadra; businessman Gerardo José Baltodano Cantarero and human rights defender Gonzalo Carrión.

In the same way, the economist Harry Chávez; activist Haydee Castillo; the opposition Hector Mairena; and former Sandinista guerilla Moisés Hassan Morales also appear on the list.

This action by Spain materializes its offer announced at the beginning of February when Ortega stripped 222 political prisoners of their nationality and later he did the same with 94 more people.

In the first list of nationalized opponents stood out the journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro and his sister Cristiana Chamorro, former presidential candidate in 2021; like Camilo de Castro, son of the poet and novelist Gioconda Belli, among others.

Thanks from opponents

After the publication of the measure, several activists thanked Spain for having welcomed them, including Héctor Mairena, an opponent of the left-wing group UNAMOS.

“I publicly thank the Spanish government, President Pedro Sánchez, since today the granting of Spanish citizenship to me and other compatriots stripped of Nicaraguan nationality by the Ortega dictatorship appears,” wrote Mairen on Twitter.

Similarly, the opponent Haydee Castillo expressed her gratitude on Twitter. “Thank you, the Spanish people and government, for welcoming us in the face of the stripping of nationality. An unequivocal message to the regime of how the world is stunned and seeks to amend practices that we believed to be forgotten,” she stressed.

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