Former head of the Diviac joins the Digimin

Former head of the Diviac joins the Digimin

Colonel PNP Harvey Colchado, founder and former head of the High Complexity Crimes Investigation Division (Diviac), will now join the General Directorate of Intelligence of the n), as confirmed

The arrival of Colchado – who currently heads a unit in the Police Environment Directorate – is due to the recent changes in the Ministry, a portfolio that Mariano González assumed a little over a week ago and which was hit by the scandalous escape of former minister Juan Silva.

“The incorporation of Colchado is to organize a special team,” a source told this newspaper, although he did not give more details.

In 2012, Colchado was part of the team that captured the terrorist Florindo Eleuterio Flores, ‘Artemio’. And in August 2016, he founded Diviac, a key division that became relevant for investigating cases of organized crime and money laundering, in which well-known politicians were implicated, as happened in the Odebrecht plot.

Vallejos will lead the Digimin.


And, precisely as part of the changes, González appointed on Tuesday night – in an extraordinary edition of El Peruano’s Legal Standards – General (r) PNP César Vallejos Mori as the new director of Digimin.

Vallejos had been leading the Ministry’s General Directorate Against Organized Crime since June 26.

Throughout his career, he passed through the police regions of Madre de Dios and La Libertad, was head of the Robbery Division of the Criminal Investigation Directorate (Dirincri) and head of the Special Division of the Anti-Drug Directorate (Dirandro) of the Policeman.

Vallejos enters to replace Jorge Cassanova Cubas, a Colonel (r) PNP from Cajamarca who had taken office at the beginning of April.

knew that

  • The Diviac captured the leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, in 2018.
  • Recently, he also participated in the Los Dinámicos del Centro case.


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