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Lack of control in IPS: “Mario Abdo is responsible, he must change Bataglia”

Legislator Hugo Richer said that it is painful, shameful and outrageous that the IPS has ended up amputating both legs of a grandfather, even though one of his limbs was apparently healthy.

In his opinion, the head of the institution, Vicente Bataglia, should be dismissed because he is the administrative manager. And in that sense he deepened that the political leader is President Mario Abdo Benítez.

“The correct thing is that he has to be dismissed, with the interpellation time is going to be lost. The President of the Republic is responsible and must give a clear and forceful image on an issue that outrages the entire citizenry, not just the IPS insured”, he argued.

However, he recalled that the president is always characterized by not taking a firm stance and adopting quick measures when this type of scandal occurs in his administration. “Let the chaos come to a head for him to make a decision,” he said.

On the other hand, Richer said that the Poti company cannot continue to obtain bids in IPS or in any public entity, taking into account its history of breaches of contracts. “It continues to operate hand in hand with some politicians and continues to win tenders with the help of some politicians, and it accelerates during electoral campaign times. That company should be investigated and suspended if there are sufficient merits, “he launched.

The entrance Lack of control in IPS: “Mario Abdo is responsible, he must change Bataglia” was first published in diary TODAY.

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