Government convenes a new dialogue table for today with the mediation of the Catholic Church

The National Government convened a dialogue table for this Thursday, July 14 at 3:00 pm, at the City of Knowledge convention center, with the organized groups, associations, and representative movements that have demonstrated in recent days. in different parts of the country, in rejection of the increase in fuel, the basic food basket and medicine, among others.

The call made by the government, according to a statement issued by the State Communication Directorate, aims to find “together viable and feasible solutions to the problems that afflict society.”

According to the statement, the Catholic Church -represented by Archbishop José Domingo Ulloa- has offered to serve as a facilitator in this dialogue, “which is timely.” “Therefore, we urge sanity so as not to affect daily coexistence and avoid damage to third parties, social peace and the economic recovery process. This government has always opted for honest dialogue and tolerance, trusting in the noble spirit of Panamanians and in harmony as the way forward,” the statement details.

Similarly, it highlights that the National Government, aware of the situation in Panama “caused by the effects of the international increase in fuel, an external factor that directly affects our country”, has already decided to freeze the price of fuel at $3.95 per gallon, establish a price cap on 10 new essential products and implement 10 austerity measures in the Executive Branch in addition to those previously executed.

Hours before the government’s announcement, the permanent committee of the Panamanian Episcopal Conference pointed out that “honest, transparent and coherent dialogue is the only way that opens the way to seek, through negotiation and appropriate decision-making, the solution to conflicts. ”.

Shortly after, the Archdiocese of Panama, after accepting the mediation, urged all those summoned to this dialogue “to give us an opportunity to make the appropriate decisions for the common good. The people deserve honesty, coherence and respect from all, without rigid positions or preconditions that prevent dialogue”.

Meanwhile, the National Alliance of the Organized People (Anadepo) and the Association of Educators of Veragüenses (Aeve), who await the resumption of the dialogue already established with the government last Monday in Veraguas, rejected the call for a new government dialogue in the City of knowledge.

“What was born in Veraguas, has to end in Veraguas; We are not going to allow them to continue making fun of the Panamanian people,” said Luis Sánchez, leader of Anadepo and Aeve.

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