For $19 million, they deliver an order to proceed for the construction of the drinking water supply system for Chilibre

The order to proceed for the start of the construction of the drinking water supply system for Chilibre and 20 other communities, was delivered this Wednesday by the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, together with the executive director of the Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewers (IDAAN), Juan Antonio Ducruet.

This work that will benefit more than 45 thousand Panamanians has an investment of more than B/.19 million.

The project, which will be completed in 24 months, is a claim for almost 40 years by the residents of Chilibre and ends the injustice that they do not receive an adequate drinking water service, despite living near the water supply plant drinking water to 75% of the population of the district of Panama, highlighted President Cortizo Cohen in an act held together with residents of the community.

The work will benefit the communities of Chilibre, Pedernal, Agua Bendita, Jalisco, San Vicente, El Progreso, Alto Lindo, El Milagro, Nuevo México 1 and 2, Villa Unida, Nuevo Caimitillo, San Antonio, Ñajú, Los Pinos, Guarumal and Don Bosco.
“On this World Water Day, I ask for applause for the disciplined and organized way in which the Chilibre Water Committee has worked through dialogue to reach this delivery of the order to proceed,” said President Cortizo Cohen.

The ruler indicated that despite all the economic problems his administration has faced, such as the reduction in income of 4.477 million dollars in two years of the pandemic and the effects of the war in Ukraine, “here we are, showing our faces and delivering a promise that I made in this place four years ago to the community of Chilibre”.

For his part, the executive director of IDAAN highlighted the disciplined work of the Chilibre Water Committee which, after multiple meetings and visits to the communities to learn about the reality they live in, has been able to achieve this order to proceed after this project was abandoned by the previous administration.

The official said that they are working to replicate the model used in Chilibre with other communities that justly demand drinking water.

This IDAAN system, which will be built through the company Consultores Profesionales de Ingeniería, SA (Copisa), with an investment of B/.19,893,000.01, contemplates the construction of a new pumping station for El Pedernal de Chilibre, storage tanks , conduction line and distribution lines, among others.

During the event, and within the framework of World Water Day, students from various schools were distinguished who, after participating in talks and orientation workshops, have committed to being Guardians of Water, a role that will allow them to replicate what they have learned in their homes. , with relatives and neighbors in their communities.

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