Follower of Pedro Castillo arrives in the central jungle to promote strikes and blockades

Follower of Pedro Castillo arrives in the central jungle to promote strikes and blockades

“You have to respect their fight, damn it, if you don’t like it, get out of here…” Thus, with words of strong caliber, Giuliana Bustamante insulted a resident who demanded that the protesters who blocked the access road to Satipo, that let him pass on his motorcycle so he can go to work.

This occurred in the Portillo Alto area in the Río Negro district where the road was blocked with stones and trees.

Giuliana Bustamante, the self-styled “Mariscala”, is a fervent admirer of Pedro Castillo and arrived in the central jungle over the weekend to promote the strikes and blockades demanding the closure of Congress, the resignation of Dina Boluarte and the reinstatement of Pedro Castillo as president.

Precisely in his live videos, you can see the places he goes to and with whom he meets to carry out this task. “The goal was met,” he says, seeing the road blocked and hundreds of units stranded.

Receives orders and makes notes

But if we go back in time, we see another video broadcast live on January 7, outside the Barbadillo prison, in which he states that he went there to visit the former coup president.

“He is very well, we have talked, I took some notes (…) I told him that there are leaders who are losing your fight, it is not being called as it should be,” he says, narrating fragments of his conversation with the former president.

“We have to urgently communicate with a congressman who I am not going to say his name, we have to denounce Dina Boluarte for crimes against humanity (…) I told her the Lima region has stopped and is joining the indefinite strike. Friends of the macrosur, the platform of struggle is: no to early elections, the reinstatement of President Pedro Castillo…”, she said.

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