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Andrés Navarro gathers machinery with a view to the DN Mayor’s Office

Santo Domingo.- Andrés Navarro, candidate for mayor of the National District and member of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), held a working day with the leadership of the three constituencies of the capital city.

This conference, in which important leaders and members of the Central Committee of the PLD participated, had the purpose of carrying out a diagnosis and work planning of the Andrés Navarro Alcalde project.

During the meeting, Navarro urged the members of the Central Committee to work together and add wills to multiply the coordination team and form a solid structure in each demarcation so that this project wins the elections for the Mayor of the National District.

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He informed that the contents and topics addressed will serve as a starting point to prepare a general work plan for the entire National District, and another specific one for each of the constituencies.

“Comrades and compañeras, we have to show our party that we are faithful followers of the thought of Juan Bosch, our founder. And we do it in the way we act, resuming the methods of the party, as it has been today, ”he said.

The candidate for mayor of the National District invited the leaders and members of the Central Committee to carry a positive message to the other party comrades and the population in general. “I am open doors. We have this great responsibility and it seems to me that we are in a position to assume it”, he said.

He explained that the Navarro Alcalde project is the opportunity to build “a well-governed, healthy, safe, well-ordered, inclusive and productive city for all the citizens of the National District.”

“So, compañeros and compañeras, let’s not forget that if we assume our role and get others to also assume this role, I have no doubt that in our hands will be the key that we will deliver to Abel Martínez so that he can open the doors of the National Palace in 2024,” he said.

Navarro, a member of the PLD Political Committee, former secretary general of the National District City Council and urban planner by profession, shows the support of most community activists and PLD leaders to opt for the National District candidacy.

The high leader of the PLD will exhaust an important work agenda that will cover the sectors of the entire National District accompanied by important political figures who lead his project.

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