Find out which clinics are authorized to perform cosmetic surgeries by Susalud

Find out which clinics are authorized to perform cosmetic surgeries by Susalud

Are you thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery? The National Health Superintendence (Susalud) reminds you that you must first verify that the health center you will go to offers the guarantees required by the health authority. For this reason, it urges you to consult the National Registry of Health Service Provider Institutions (Renipress) where the health establishments, public or private, authorized at the national level appear.

In this note we explain how to review the aforementioned registry, as well as information on health establishments sanctioned for bad practices:

What is Renipress?

Is a platform that systematizes the information of all health establishments in the country: hospitals, clinics, offices and health centers, including those that perform cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, only those found in this registry are authorized to provide attention to the public, that is, they are formal.

In addition to finding out if the establishments are registered by the health authority, Renipress provides information on the name of the medical director and other persons responsible for the provision of health.

How can I access the registry?

To access this record you just have to enter the link: . There you must write the name of the establishment that interests you and immediately you will access the respective information.

All this information is from public and free access.

Know if a clinic was sanctioned

In addition to Renipress, Susalud has made available to the population the so-called free and public access information on the reprimands and fines imposed by Susalud on health establishments and institutions managing health insurance funds, at the national level.

In this way, with the information from Renipress and the Sanctions Registry of Susalud, the citizen will be able to take “a safer decision when choosing where to go for health care”.

Susalud indicates that both registers are constantly updated with the information collected by the entity’s specialists in their permanent supervision at the national level.

Last week a security measure was imposed on a health facility in Cieneguilla for not having Renipress and exposing the population by providing care“, it was informed.

Care channels

To communicate with Susalud you can visit its service channels: the free telephone line 113social networks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the @SusaludPeru account, the SusaludContigo App or the Intelligent Virtual Assistant AVISusalud on whatsapp 960118796.


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