Penner: "More than a senator, I want to be a present manager"

Penner: “More than a senator, I want to be a present manager”

Orlando Penner, is one of the candidates for the Senate for the Patria Querida (PQ) party. He affirms that he wants to give back to the country everything he has received in his years of life, serving the citizenry.

Penner, who was already in Congress from 2003 to 2013, is also a three-time Transchaco Rally champion and motocross champion. He reported that he put aside his vehicle sales venture, after 40 years, to dedicate himself fully to his candidacy.

How are your expectations?

After a very responsible reflection in the family, personally and with some friends who have advised and accompanied me for decades, we made the decision to register again as a candidate for the Senate for the PQ of which I am a founding member. We are working, surprised by the number of people despite the short notice with which the invitation was made. We put to consideration of citizenship based on our resume.

How was his return?

Seeing the political situation in our country, seeing the degradation of this noble tool that is politics. There are very good politicians and others who are not. Politics is not dirty, the responsibilities belong to the politicians in any case. I was able to leave after 20 years of public service through the normal door. I want to make myself available to people again. I have all the time I need to become a senator again. More than being a senator, I also want to be a manager present where the country needs to strengthen institutions, where the country needs to speak with its pants off, where citizens need accompaniment, someone to represent them.

What will be your projects if you are elected?

I am working on one that in a few more weeks I will present. It is about a regularization of blocks of land in the Chaco where there are many problems and this project will probably end in a few more weeks in Congress, thinking of expanding the lands for certain indigenous communities.

What will be your lines of work?

One will be the aqueduct that we have in the Chaco, several governments were made. There is an aqueduct that, when it works, carries 100,000 liters of water to the Chaco when the need is at least 650,000 liters per hour. It is like this because it was not done well at the time and well, that has to be renewed. There is a private initiative to make a part again. Water for the Chaco is a fundamental service, a basic right and access to water must be equal for all. I’m already working on that to rebuild what’s not right. We also continue to work in favor of the roads and another axis will be the lack of land. That’s why I want to be a manager. I want to be where there are closures of routes or occupations. I want to deal with invasions of lands that are not my own. Maybe they are right in claiming a piece of land, there they will have my support, but not to invade, but to get to other places.

What differences exist between the Orlando Penner who left Parliament a decade ago and the current one?

Not only do I have more gray hair, but it helped me a lot to work in the private sector, in our business, travel, be where I decided to be without feeling pressure. Live, be and work and I decided to sell part of the company to be more liberated and I am going to dedicate myself 100% and without pressure or problems to this management. Now I will have time, they will get bored of my presence where there are problems. I understand that at this point in my life, at 59 years old, Paraguay gave me a lot and I still have something to give and it is an obligation for me, I cannot stay at home, it would be unfair.

Do you intend to translate your experience in the automotive world into projects as well?

I think I can always be an important sounding board with friends from the nut world. There is much that can be strengthened because it is a healthy sport. We need to professionalize more. We have to work on that, I will not be short of friends from the nut world who will accompany me and they will have, yes, a senator from the steering wheel with permission on the subject of the rally, always ready to listen. Motorsport ended for me in two areas, I no longer run races, not even motorcycles. And I will not continue selling vehicles after almost 40 years, I am out of business and I will have time for this. I decided to go out of my way to take care of everyone.


Full name: Orlando Penner Duerksen.

Place of birth: Philadelphia (Boqueron).

Date of Birth: March 2, 1963 (59).

Family: Married to Nuria Isnardi, together they have 7 children.

Positions held in the public function: deputy, senator, councilman and governor.

Hobbies: Being a racing driver, riding a bike, walking and reflecting in green spaces.

Orlando Penner.

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