Chile summons the Brazilian ambassador in protest against Bolsonaro’s statements against Boric

Chile summoned the Brazilian ambassador in Santiago on Monday, in protest at the statements of President Jair Bolsonaro against his Chilean counterpart, Gabriel Boric, whom he accused of “burning the Metro” in the 2019 protests, Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola reported.

“It seems to us that these statements are very serious. Obviously they are absolutely false and we regret that in an electoral context bilateral relations are taken advantage of and polarized through disinformation and false news,” Urrejola said.

The reaction responded to Bolsonaro’s statements during the tense electoral debate that he held on Sunday night with former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who leads the polls prior to the October elections.

In his statement, the Brazilian president accused leftist President Boric of having been behind the burning of several Santiago Metro stations during the protests that broke out on October 18, 2019, demanding greater social equality.

Lula “supported the president of Chile as well; the same one who practiced acts of setting fire to the Metro, and look where Chile is going,” Bolsonaro said, after listing Lula’s support for various leftist governments in Latin America.

“We have summoned the Brazilian ambassador for this afternoon at the Foreign Ministry on behalf of the general secretary of foreign policy, where we will send him a note of protest,” explained Urrejola. YS

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