Families from Radial de Conchillas became owners of their homes

Families from Radial de Conchillas became owners of their homes

Mevir handed over title deeds for 43 homes in the town of Radial de Conchillas, in the department of Colonia. These families are now homeowners, after paying their dues for 23 years. The president of the organization, Juan Pablo Delgado, considered that the deed is as important as the delivery of the houses and pointed out that last year was a record in that regard.

Also participating in the act of signing 43 deeds of the collective homes, this Thursday 22, in the communal hall of the houses, in Radial de Conchillas, the general manager of Mevir, Pablo Avelino; the director, Edith Richard, and the general secretary of the Municipality of Colonia, Guillermo Rodríguez.

On the occasion, the families became owners of the houses, after having fulfilled their obligations as program participants. Of the total number of registered homes, 40 are in the aforementioned locality, two in Minuano and one in Ombúes de Lavalle.

Delgado explained that with this instance of documentation, families realize “the dream of their own home.” He pointed out that the expense of the deed process is in charge of Mevir as part of the organization’s social policy. These houses began to be built in June 1997 and were inaugurated in October 1998. After 23 years of paying the installments, it is time for them to obtain the property title, considered the hierarch.

He highlighted the concept of mutual help that characterizes the institution, since families contribute to build new homes so that other people can also achieve their own home. “The deed is as important as the delivery of a home,” said Delgado.

He stated that 2021 was a record in terms of deeds for Mevir, 55% more than the average of recent years. In addition, the works continue to be active; Currently, there are 40 building plans across the country.

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