Fuel prices from September 24 to 30, 2022

Fuel prices from September 24 to 30, 2022

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs today announced a reduction of 24.99 pesos in the price of a gallon of avtur, after keeping it unchanged for several consecutive months, while that of other fuels will remain unchanged.

The avtur, a fuel used in aviation, will drop from 298.91 to 273.91 pesos starting tomorrow.

Regarding maintaining the prices of other fuels, which for the most part have been the same since March 2022, the Vice Minister of Internal Trade, Ramón Pérez Fermín, said: “Much has been said these days that fuels in our country should down because the price of Petroleum WTI (from Texas) has done so. First of all, I must highlight the magnitude of price appreciation in the previous months: simply unsuspected.”

“Secondly -he added-, let me express to you that yes, we have certainly had a great respite due to the reduction in international markets, but this does not imply in any way that we are -as they say colloquially- in the blue”.

In the customary Friday broadcast on Twitter to inform the fuel pricesPérez Fermín said that, when defining prices, other factors come into play, such as freight costs and market uncertainties due to inflation.

“Letting the market flow would have meant that this Saturday premium gasoline should increase by 3.28 pesos per gallon,” he said.

To prevent prices from rising “significantly,” the government will allocate 120.6 million pesos in subsidies for next week, reported Pérez Fermín.

The prices that will govern for fuels from September 24 to 30 are the following:

  • Regular gasoline: 274.50 pesos per gallon.
  • Regular diesel: 221.60 per gallon.
  • Optimum diesel: 241.10 pesos per gallon.
  • Avtur: 273.91 pesos per gallon.
  • Kerosene: 338.10 pesos per gallon.
  • Fuel oil #6: 192.11 pesos per gallon.
  • Fuel oil 1%: 211.77 pesos per gallon.
  • LPG: 147.60 pesos per gallon.
  • Natural gas: 28.97 pesos per m3.

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