Fieles ven males en iglesias a problema de liderazgo

Faithful see evils in churches to leadership problem

Santo Domingo.- The bad practice of religious leaders is one of the problems that affects many churches, due to the lack of transparency with which many pastors handle themselves, according to a radio survey by the evangelical station radio come.

When asked what do you consider to be the main source of conflict in the churches? Most of the listeners answered that the lack of transparency and the mismanagement of the leaders.

Others responded that other causes are the lack of clear rules and the misconduct of many religious, who, according to those surveyed, do not assume the faith as ordered by the divine mandate.

“Many religious leaders do not allow themselves to be guided by the divine mandate and there are many who have inappropriate behavior,” said one of the participants, who belongs to the evangelical ministry “The Battle of Faith,” led by Pastor Ezequiel Molina.

Members of other religious congregations were questioned on the subject, who agreed with those who blame the evangelical leaders for the internal conflicts of the churches.

“There are many pastors who allow themselves to be guided by sin. I met someone who took the wife of a brother in the church and I believe that these are things that should not happen, if we call ourselves Christians,” said Ana Mejía, who congregates in a church in Villa Mella.

He said that these problems occur in all churches, citing the case of the Catholic Church, where “many priests commit abuse against minors and fall in love with women who constantly visit parishes.”

“That is in all the churches, it is not only in the evangelical one. In the evangelical churches it is more noticeable because we are the majority in the neighborhoods, where we have already displaced the Catholics », he affirmed.

The questioning of the behavior of many who call themselves Christians comes from all shores. Some believe that sin is a matter of human beings, but others are more radical when criticizing the behavior of those who go to churches.

“There are evangelicals who are real Christians, but there are others who are real devils. In a church near my house, the pastor and a Christian sister locked themselves in to pray and lasted until 3:00 in the morning alone and then it was revealed that they had an affair. I think that this is not good behavior,” said a young woman from Los Ríos, in the capital.

The inappropriate behavior of many Christians is a matter that has been practiced since ancient times. In the Letter to the Galatians, the apostle Paul reproaches certain brothers of the church who were not assuming the gospel as the divine law commanded (Gal. 2,4).

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