Pedro Castillo: "they have been cruel to this government in a totally racist time"

Pedro Castillo: “they have been cruel to this government in a totally racist time”

The president of the Republic visited on the to attend the Panel Forum, where he indicated the balance of the achievements of the Bayóvar Project. At the end of the meeting, the President He addressed a sector of the population and said that they “have been merciless with his management” for racial reasons.

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“We as a Government come from the harshest moments, from adversity, we come from the heart of poverty, where we have taken the beans with our own sweat,” indicated the president in Sechura.

In addition, Castillo again attacked the press indicating that sometimes they want to “get the people drunk with false news.”

“It cannot be allowed that more than 200 years of republican life, citizens and families come out with their posters asking for water, schools, hospitals and security”he added.


Pedro Castillo also referred to the Prosecutor’s Office about the search warrant for the Government Palace. “When we want to attack these evils, a year has passed since a sector of the population has been stubborn and today they even entered the Palace, today they have even entered my own bedroom”he pointed.

Finally, President Castillo indicated again that his Government is being attacked for a topic of racism before him.

“It is the first time in the history of Peru that they have been cruel to this government because I come from the countryside, they have been cruel in a totally racist era, because I do not speak like them,” Castillo said.


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