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The Trauma Hospital treated almost 230 victims of accidents in the last week, including some 155 motorcyclists who suffered traffic accidents while they were circulating.

According to Dr. Agustín Saldívar, director of the Trauma Hospital, during this week 2,843 patients were treated, of which 229 were victims of accidents in general.

The number of injured motorcyclists amounts to 155, according to the report released in the early hours of today. On the other hand, there are 73 victims of various attacks.

Regarding intra-family aggression, there were 13 people who had to go to receive medical care at the aforementioned hospital, Saldívar confirmed. Most are women.

During this week there were no deaths as a result of traffic accidents, he confirmed, although there were 4 fatalities who lost their lives in other circumstances.

The director of the Trauma Hospital commented that what caught their attention were the two women victims of aggression who suffered serious injuries and had to be admitted to intensive care.

Although he highlighted the fact that no motorcyclist has lost his life in the last week, he recalled that this continues to be a great concern at the public health level and therefore the preventive part should not be neglected.

A person who suffers an accident while driving a motorcycle and without wearing a protective helmet costs the State at least around G. 300 million, confirmed Saldívar, this in case of being left alive since a large percentage ends up dying.

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