Pre-candidates for the free application denounce irregularities in the TE signature collection platform

Today, August 15, the process of collecting signatures for the pre-candidates for the free application began, denouncing that the platform enabled by the Electoral Tribunal (TE) has presented failures.

The pre-candidate for the presidency, Francisco Paco Carreira, stated that the TE has outgrown the signature collection system since the page takes more than 10 minutes to register a signature, there is a system that is not being efficient as the authorities promised and assured that it is an unfortunate fact.

Carreira’s statements were given during the presentation of 175 pre-candidates for the positions of mayor, deputies and corregimiento representative, at the national level, by the Unity Political Movement.

Of this group of candidates to occupy a popularly elected position in the May 2024 elections, at least 43 are women.

Another pre-candidate, a deputy, for the free application that complained about the system was Daniel Lombana, who denounced that despite being a pre-candidate he did not appear in the system so people could not sign in his favor.

Also, let’s hope that these are problems that can be solved and that technology is not a barrier to voter turnout.

He said that the most reliable mechanisms at this time are the Electoral Court kiosks, mobile books, video calls on the TE portal and activist applications, so he hopes that these shortcomings will be corrected soon.

It is important to reiterate that this signature collection process will end on July 31, 2023, but the candidates have requested that, if the failures persist, the collection closing date be extended.

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