FA mayors "disappointed" with the nationalist bench for cutting the road to Platero

FA mayors “disappointed” with the nationalist bench for cutting the road to Platero

The Bench of Ediles and Edilas of the Broad Front of Colonia, on the Extraordinary Session of the 20th of the current day, in which the closure of the road that gives access to Puerto Platero was treated as the only item on the agenda, declares:

1. The firm commitment to the unavoidable and unrestricted defense of the Colonial coasts and the legitimate right of all citizens to have democratic access to them.

two. That by rule and mandate of the national legal system, it is the Departmental Executive who has the means and resources to guarantee the enjoyment of the mentioned right throughout the departmental territory, especially with respect to the events that occurred in the only and historical entrance road to Puerto Plata.

3. Also, assuming that the problem raised may not be an isolated event, it is up to the departmental Executive to prepare an exhaustive report on access to the coasts of the department, detailing the status of each one.

Four. His firm rejection of the motion voted on, and approved exclusively by Mayors of the National Party, whose content intends to condition any pronouncement pending a “fiscal opinion” when clearly, in addition to being absolutely independent issues, it is the Departmental Government that must assume their responsibility when claiming citizen rights, without excuses or delays.

5. The sadness and disappointment in the face of the determination of the majority caucus that did not even vote in favor of declaring the generic defense of the coasts, a just claim that distinguishes us in the world beyond party differences or borders.

Bench of Ediles of the Broad Front of the department of Colonia

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