Mayoría de desplazados por Fiona vuelve a casa, informa el COE

Most of those displaced by Fiona return home, reports the COE

Santo Domingo (EFE) – The Dominican Republic is slowly recovering from the damage caused by the hurricane Fiona and most of the displaced have already been able to return home.

As reported this Friday by the Emergency Operations Center (COE), 76% of the people displaced by the cyclone (43,540 in total) have already returned to their homes and, of those sheltered, 97% have done so, so that the vast majority of the centers set up to accommodate them (98 %) it has closed.

As for the damaged homes, they amount to 8,708, of which 2,262 have been destroyed and the rest are partially affected.

Fionawhich made landfall in the Dominican Republic last Monday as a category 1 hurricane and hit mainly the east and north of the country, causing significant damage to the electricity supply (already recovered by 84.5%) and water (51.6 % of affected users have this service again).

In addition, 28.3% of the aqueducts have been restored (53 out of service).

With regard to infrastructure, with twenty-eight communities cut off, there are 31 roads affected and four recovered, and two bridges have collapsed (twenty-seven are damaged).

In order to prevent diseases after the hurricane, the Government has reinforced epidemiological surveillance and sanitation.

Only four days after Fiona reached the Dominican Republic, the country is once again facing a tropical depression, which will be accompanied by light to moderate rains, electrical storms and gusts of wind.

Given this situation, the COE maintains the alert in twenty-eight provinces (seventeen in yellow and eleven in green) for possible flooding of rivers, streams and ravines, as well as urban, rural and sudden floods and landslides.

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