Exchange rate: dollar started the week down

Exchange rate: dollar started the week down

The closed on the first day of the week lower and was quoted at S/3,689, according to official information from the (BCR).

In this way, the foreign currency showed a decline of 0.22% compared to the value that was reported on Friday of last week, when the day ended with an official price of S/3,683.

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Although the dollar began the day with a price of S / 3,680, according to data from Datatec, the interbank exchange rate was even quoted at S / 3,665. In addition, it maintained an average of S/3.6749 in the day’s transactions. In total, US$62 million were negotiated during the session.

The US currency currently presents an appreciation against the sun of 3.3% in the last 12 months, while so far this year it shows a decline of 7.57% against the national currency.

The fall of the dollar, which is considered a refuge currency, has been maintained in recent weeks in an international context of less risk aversion.

This scenario is observed within the framework of the announcements of the US Federal Reserve (FED) regarding its monetary policy and its increases in the reference interest rate, a tool to be able to curb the inflation that also afflicts the world’s leading economy.


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