Elvis Rosario asegura San Cristóbal sufre crisis sanitaria por basura

Elvis Rosario assures San Cristóbal suffers a health crisis due to garbage

The former candidate for mayor for the People’s Force (FP) in San Cristóbal Elvis Rosario affirmed that in this municipality there is a health crisis, due to the poor management of solid waste by the current authorities of the Mayor’s Office.

The also member of the Central Direction of the FP pointed out the system of Garbage collection that the mayor’s office has, establishing that: “there is no type of supervision or control and under an obsolete contract scheme that harms the citizen.

Rosario recommended that the Mayor’s Office of San Cristóbal accept its proposal to act under the subcontracting modality, where it should only pay by the amount of garbage collected.

health crisis

“We are asking the city council to urgently change the contract model in which the garbage collection system operates in the city of San Cristóbal, where the mayor pays about ten million pesos a month to a garbage collection company, whether or not it collects garbage, so that you are paying for the amount of garbage that citizens produce, when you should pay for the amount of garbage that the collection company collects, under this scheme we will never be able to have a city”, he added.

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The political leader offered these statements at a press conference, where the councilor for the Fuerza del Pueblo party was also present, Joel Cuevaswho stated that the company responsible for the garbage collection service is not complying with the conditions agreed with the mayor’s office.

At the event, held in the restaurant Good tastelocated on Constitución Avenue in the southern municipality, was attended by various leaders of the Fuerza del Pueblo party in the municipality of San Cristóbal, where youth representation stood out.

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