Elections 2022: ONPE publishes list of polling station members and polling places for internal elections

Elections 2022: ONPE publishes list of polling station members and polling places for internal elections

The enabled on its website the link to consult table members, regulars and alternates, as well as the polling places that will be used in the internal elections of political organizations on May 15, 2022.

In Affiliates of any political organization will be able to find out if they have been designated as polling station members and also the location to which they must go to elect their candidates for the elections. . To access the information, they must enter their National Identity Document (DNI) number.

The final composition of the voting tables has been published on the institutional electronic portal of the ONPE. In this way, they recorded 26,028 polling station members at 5,254 polling stations that should be installed throughout the country for the development of internal elections.

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According to the general timeline of the elections, the ONPE will organize two training days for the members of the table, on Saturdays April 30 and May 7. In parallel, training material for polling station members has been published on the electoral body’s website.

How will the internal elections be held?

For the election of May 15, the members of the polling stations meet at the corresponding polling place from 06:00 on the day of the elections, so that the polling stations begin to function from of the 07:00 hours. The installation of the polling station is recorded in the electoral act.

For the installation of the polling station, the presence of three polling station members is required. In the event that the number of members required for the operation of the polling station is not available until 07:00 a.m., the person assuming the presidency invites the voters in the row that belong to that polling station to fill the remaining positions.

If after 07:00 a.m. no polling station member, regulars or substitutes, shows up, the coordinator or the coordinator of the ONPE ask the president or the president of the previous or subsequent table to appoint three people who are in the voting line of the table to be installed as table members.

If the table is not set up by 12:00 noon, the ONPE coordinator draws up the minutes of no installation of the polling station and request the signature of the supervisory personnel of the as well as each member of the table and the representatives present who wish to do so.

The ONPE has made a module available to members on its website so that they can learn in detail about all the procedures, actions and regulations related to the Internal Elections at: . The political organizations will hold internal elections for the Regional and Municipal Elections 2022after the suspension of the primary elections in October last year.


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