Truck drivers will be imprisoned in the Tacumbú prison

Truck drivers will be imprisoned in the Tacumbú prison

Édgar Olmedo, Minister of Justice, informed 730 AM that the five truckers prosecuted for alleged extortion of Federico González, Minister of the Interior, will go to the Tacumbú prison.

“The prison is enabled again. We have the foresight to receive new detainees. We just wait for the trade. But it will be the National Police that will bring them to the prison. But if the judicial resolution determines another place, we will have to receive them wherever they tell us, ”he informed.

They have been detained since April 13 in the Specialized Group. They were arrested after receiving US$50,000 that they would have requested from González as an advance of an extortion request for US$300,000 so as not to carry out more roadblocks until August 2023, during the term of the current government.

In Tacumbú around 2,800 people are confined. At the time, it reached 4,700 people. During the first year of the pandemic, the number dropped to 2,400 inmates.

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