Eighth source of avian flu detected, now in Ciudad del Plata

Eighth source of avian flu detected, now in Ciudad del Plata

The Ministries of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) and the Environment (MA), based on the corresponding protocol, ordered surveillance measures within a radius of up to 5 kilometers after confirmation a new outbreak of avian influenzain this case in the town of Playa Penino, in San José.

In that area of ​​Ciudad del Plata, near Playa Pascual, there is a nature reserve with an abundant presence of wild birds..

Over there there was the death of a black-necked swan and the tests came back positive for the avian flu.

Its about eighth outbreak in Uruguaywhere until the emergence of these cases the disease was not present.

In five of the cases the affected birds, dead and buried in each property, were wild and in the other cases backyard birds.

This new focus brings to six the departments in which the disease has been detected: Canelones, Flores, Maldonado, Montevideo, Tacuarembó and now San José.

Last week, the government announced the imminent start of 100% vaccination of laying and breeding hens on poultry farms.

Cecoed meeting

From the MGAP it was reported that This Monday, at 2:00 p.m., the members of the Departmental Emergency Coordination Center will meet (Cecoed) to reassess the situation and determine, eventually, additional measures to those already provided.

The authorities reiterated that the virus has circulation and that is why the MGAP and the MA call for extreme care and take the indicated measures to prevent the spread of outbreaks.

As it has spread the consumption of poultry meat or eggs does not affect human healthbut Contact with birds sick with influenza can affect humans, so the population is urged to notify the presence of dead birds or those with nervous, digestive or respiratory symptoms..

Producers and free-lance veterinarians are also urged to be alert and report when suspicious cases are found.

How to notify possible cases

At the same time it is urged not to touch, not to move and to give notice In case of finding dead or sick birds, send an email to [email protected], denuncias.dinab[email protected] or to the local zonal offices of MGAP or MA.

It is also required to maintain and ensure biosecurity in commercial and backyard poultry farms.

All movements within the national territory of backyard birds and birds that are not controlled through the Poultry Monitoring System are restricted..

Backyard birds and birds that make up the Free Range production system must be housed in closed and covered facilities, in compliance with the Avian Influenza Contingency Manual.

Fairs, auctions, exhibitions and events related to the avian species are suspended.

The Animal Health Division of the General Directorate of Livestock Services (DGSG) of the ministry recommends poultry producers:

  • Extreme biosecurity measures on farms.
  • Restrict the entry of people and vehicles to the establishment.
  • Carry out strict cleaning and disinfection of work materials, facilities and vehicles that enter the farm.
  • Keep up to date the records of visits and production.
  • Place anti-bird mesh in good condition on the sides and doors of the shed.
  • Place disinfection devices at the entrance of the establishment and the sheds.
  • Wear exclusive clothing for working with birds.
  • Avoid contact of commercial birds with wild ones.
  • Prevent domestic birds from sharing water sources with wild birds.

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