#JapiroLasReguladas: citizens protest for better public transport

#JapiroLasReguladas: citizens protest for better public transport

The Public Ministry charged the social activist, Rafael “Mbururú” Esquivel, for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor.

Prosecutor Vivian Coronel, in charge of the Specialized Unit for punishable acts against children and adolescents, it also expanded the accusation against the victim’s mother, a 46-year-old woman, as an accomplice. The same was previously prosecuted for the alleged punishable acts of pimping and violation of the duty of care or education.

According to the research, The event occurred on July 1, 2019 inside the Samoa motel in the San Miguel neighborhood of Ciudad del Este, to where the victim was taken. Supposedly the mother herself would have ordered the girl to accompany the defendant to the aforementioned place, where the event occurred.

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The situation became known on March 7, 2023, when the Public Defender for Children and Adolescents informed the Prosecutor’s Office about an alleged act of pimping, of which the minor was a victim and her mother was allegedly responsible. After the intervention of the Public Ministry, The adolescent – currently 15 years old – was inspected by the forensic doctor, yielding as a result of the examination, “old tear”.

In the same way, the minor was assisted by a professional from the Center for Attention to Victims of the Public Ministry, when she confessed that she was forced to have sex with Esquivel. Likewise, he said that his mother had received money in exchange for allowing the defendant to abuse her.

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Subsequently, this Friday, March 31, during her appearance before the Specialized Unit for punishable acts against children and adolescents, the girl fully confirmed the sexual abuse suffered and in which the accused today, who are being held in prison, would be involved.

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