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Daniel Ortega rewards his Police again and creates two universities

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The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega, through the Sandinista National Council of Universities (CNU), approved the creation of two new public “universities”, but which will be under the control of the Police, a repressive arm loyal to the tyrants Ortega and Murillo.

The first “academic” entity will be the “Leonel Rugama University of Police Sciences Let Your Mother Surrender!”according to CNU resolution 04-2023, published in the official gazette La Gaceta, this Friday, March 31, 2023.

The “Leonel Rugama University of Police Sciences Let Your Mother Surrender!”says the resolution of La Gaceta, “must guarantee the professionalism of the National Police, training applicants and comprehensive Police Officers with scientific-technical and technological skills, with ethics, vocation of service to the community, politically and ideologically committed to the revolutionary modelsupported by the principles and values ​​of Patriotism, Sovereignty, Self-determination and Independence, Respect for human rightsSolidarity, Integrity, Gender Equality, Esprit de corps and police pride, Vocation to serve and Respect and Love for Mother Earth (sic)».

The races

In its resolution, the CNU authorizes the new University of Police Sciences “Let your mother surrender!” to teach a total of four careers with a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees and four diplomas.

The authorized careers at the undergraduate level are: Police Sciences; Police Sciences, with a mention in Criminalistics; Police Sciences with a mention in Road Safety and Accidentology; and Police Sciences, with a mention in Prevention and Citizen and Human Security.

The approved master’s degrees are: Master’s Degree in Police Management and Master’s Degree in Police Education. While in the approved diploma programs, the following stand out: Police Administration; Criminal Investigations; Driver Education with a Psychological approach and Inclusive Education.

The authorities

In the same CNU ordinances, the Sandinista entity also named the authorities that will govern the operation of this new “house of studies.” The new authorities are the general commissioner Jorge Cairo Guevara Cajina, as rector; the senior commissioner Urania del Carmen Montiel, as vice-rector; and Deputy Commissioner Tania Cristina Urbina Rojas, as General Secretary. All appointed on March 25 in an official act of the National Council of Universities (CNU) and made official this March 31.

Medical University also under Police control

The other entity authorized by the CNU bears the name of «University of Medical Sciences and Nursing “Dr. Julio Briceño Dávila” Carlos Roberto Huembes School Hospital of the National Police»as read in resolution number 05-2023 published in the same edition of the official information portal of the State of Nicaragua.

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«The University must guarantee the comprehensive training of health professionals socially, politically and ideologically committed to ensure the development of the Family and Community Health Model, based on the principles and values ​​of Sovereignty, Self-determination and Independence, Patriotism, Vocation to service, Social Commitment, Humanism, Bioethics, Integrity, Equity, Solidarity, and Respect Love for the Mother Earth,” the resolution warns.

This new medical university has been authorized to teach two undergraduate courses (General Medicine and Nursing) and five postgraduate courses (Specialty in Internal Medicine; Specialty in General Surgery; Specialty in Pediatrics; Specialty in Obstetrics and Gynecology; and Specialty in Radiology – Imaging ).

In this new house of studies, the CNU installed as authorities the General Commissioner, Doctor Julio César Paladino Roiz, as Rector; the Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Ondina Elena Espinal Espinoza, as General Vice Rector; and to the Captain, Dr. Martha Magaly Argüello Morales, as General Secretary, who will work for four years.

The Police is one of the key pieces in the repressive mechanism of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, in charge of persecuting and imprisoning opponents, as well as applying force to carry out Ortega’s mandates considered “illegal” by the opposition.

Recently, the oppressive arm of the regime was sanctioned by the United States government, which determined to add the Nicaraguan Police to the List of Entities for “participating in activities contrary to the interests of US foreign policy.” This addition is made because the PNN is responsible or complicit, or has directly or indirectly participated in serious human rights abuses in Nicaragua,” said the statement from the US Department of Commerce.

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