Alternative to enter the 4G network creates a stir among Cubans

Havana Cuba. — A new way of connecting to the Internet through mobile data that supposedly improves the quality of service in Cuba has gone viral on social networks.

The “trick” is to use the following Access Point Name (APN): LTE not 5G.

Several users in the Facebook group Friends of ETECSAwith over 191,000 followers, continue to help other stakeholders through the steps to the new setup and insist that the name be added as-is, “respecting the spaces.”

In this sense, there are many who assure that they now have a faster and more stable connection.

“Hello Group, I’m from Camagüey, it works perfectly for me anyway”, published a user identified as Maikel SV, a member of the group, who added a screenshot of the configuration.

“Cubans are so desperate to have a good connection that they get their hopes up, because of that APN they connect, but it’s the same as the other one. Here the only one that can improve the connection is ETECSA, which is the one that has us like this”, said Aleski Espinosa in another publication, while some users speculated that it is about “tests that ETECSA is doing with new antennas and the habilitation of the fiber cable optics of Martinique”.

A team of CubaNet contacted the customer service line of the state monopoly. An operator assured this newspaper that the existing access point name is Nauta and is the only one available for users to connect to.

However, we were able to verify that the connection works through the new access point, although an improvement in the speed of the connection is not perceived.

Alternative to enter the 4G network creates a stir among Cubans
(Screenshots: Courtesy of the author)

To connect to the Internet through mobile data it is necessary to “configure the APN”, as it is known in Cuba. Once in this section, the name “Nauta” must be added, both in Android and IOS systems. Only then will the device in question be able to see the mobile networks that ETECSA dedicates to the Internet.

In the same way, you need to use a device that is capable of connecting to the bands available in Cuba and buy a data package.

Nauta is the name that the Cuban company has used to configure the APN since it began offering Internet at the beginning of 2019.

Currently, the connection through mobile data continues to be of poor quality despite the measures that ETECSA has taken to improve it.

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