Economist David Saied: ‘There is no valid plan that does not visit the barriers to employment in Panama’

In Panama, the unemployment rate decreased by 1.4 points, that is, from 11.3% registered in the month of October 2021 it went to 9.9%, according to the latest measurement of the Multiple Purpose Survey (EPM) carried out by the Institute National Statistics and Census (Inec) published by the Comptroller General of the Republic last Friday, June 24.

According to the economist and former economic advisor to the Ministry of the Presidency, David Saied Torrijos, he does not specifically know of a plan nor does he believe that there is a valid plan that does not visit the barriers that exist for employment in Panama.

He argued that these barriers have existed since the 1970s and it is the excessive regulation of the relationship between the people who are going to be hired and the company. “It is excessive, it is bad, it is harmful and it assumes that citizens need excess protection, and that protection generates a number of problems, mainly for the unemployed and has generated a large number of barriers and costs to hire the unemployed, especially punishes to the unqualified,” he specified.

He said that these ideologies do not work because they have never worked. At the same time, he highlighted that the Panamanian labor law has inequalities.

resignation of the PRD

Saied Torrijos, who resigned from the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), affirmed that he made the decision because he did not agree with the patronage system that prevails within most of the leadership strata.

“I’m going to stay independent for a long time, maybe forever; I don’t plan to get involved in any party,” he said.

He added that his departure from the Government is really due to the fact that he started a project and it was accelerated. “On June 16 I presented my resignation, but it was made effective on the 21st, but even at the end of the month I had to resign or my resignation was going to be presented. Since last year I said that I submitted the papers to see if they approve me as a candidate to the free application for the 8-3 circuit; and since I am going to the free application, it was not compatible for me to be in the Government or in the PRD. Nor do I share the vision of the new leaders of the PRD,” he concluded.

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