Deliverys will demonstrate to demand the readjustment of the service rate

The measure of force is to demand that the service rate rise, since since the cost of fuel increased, in that aspect there was no variation.

Federico Ferreira, president of the National Motorcycle Workers Union of Paraguay, told 650 AM that the mobilization is scheduled for this Friday, July 1.

“We will go to a peaceful demonstration this Friday at 12:00 and the companions of the ‘Orders Now’ platform will join,” he explained, detailing that said forceful measure will be carried out on Mariscal López Avenue, almost Councilman Vargas, as a result of the fact that the The service rate did not rise despite the increase in the price of fuel.

On this point, Ferreira pointed out that the cost of fuel has risen 8 times to date and the rate has not changed during that time. “The colleague does not even reach G. 6,000, he no longer wins, but just draws”, he affirmed.

In turn, he argued that if the employers are aware that a delivery is active in the Union, they immediately block him, that is, they fire him unjustifiably.

Regarding earnings, he maintained that they reach G. 140,000 per day and that they practically arrive home empty-handed, which means a great loss for them, since they must repair the motorcycles, refuel and other expenses.

“One cannot file any modification administratively. The bosses are invisible, they are vengeful, if they protest, they block them. Since there is no law that regulates them, they trample on the worker”, he pointed out.

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