E – Novation 2022 brings together the best experts in Panama in its first day of innovation

Diverse experts in the field of innovation from important companies in Panama met during the first edition of E – Novation carried out by ENSA Panama, as a contribution to the consolidation of the innovative and sustainable ecosystem of the country.
Among the companies were the Tocumen International Airport, the Ministry of Energy, the Government Innovation Authority (AIG), Visa International, the Panama Canal and innovation think tanks of the stature of Georgia Tech.

In this meeting, it was possible to share experiences on topics as varied and fundamental as the importance of digital transformation in a logistics hub like Panama, the impact that innovation already has on the energy transition, the digitization of payments in both microenterprises and in large corporations, the technologies used for the application of the seasonal operational water strategy of the Panama Canal; among others.

For Esteban Barrientos, Executive President of ENSA Panama, “the importance of this first day of E-Novation lies in the fact that we are sharing very innovative strategies that are already happening in our country and that we know will benefit the entire community. For ENSA, its mission transcends its daily work and with this event, we want to leave a legacy applied to education and the promotion of the vision of the future that we have in Panama”.

ENSA Panama, as a subsidiary of Grupo EPM, has a strong culture of innovation that has been reinforced in the last 7 years and is present in all levels of the company. The employees of this subsidiary stand out within this multilatina as people who seek to improve processes and actions for the benefit of their clients, in addition to proposing initiatives that aim to improve their quality of life.

In this regard, Sergio Hinestrosa, Vice President of Strategic Planning, Regulation and New Business of ENSA, explained that “for them, innovation is successfully implemented through new technologies, offers, businesses, products, services, or solutions that contribute to sustainability. environmental and social aspects of the country, producing greater profitability in the current businesses that generate growth in the company’s income”.

E – Novation 2022 had the participation of renowned specialists such as: Jorge Barnett, General Director of Georgia Tech; Abdy Sanjur, Director of Technology of the Tocumen International Airport; Guadalupe González, Director of Electricity of the National Secretariat of Energy, Jorge Oliva, General Administrator of the National Authority for Government Innovation; Santi Rega, General Manager of Visa; Ayax Murillo Burgos, Hydrologist of the Panama Canal.

In this way, E – Novation puts at the service of Panama another space for reflection and exchange of ideas and experiences in sectors as varied as public services, banking, logistics, among others, to contribute to the growth of innovation in the country. . It is expected that the next edition will present many more advances to begin to become a national benchmark in sustainable innovation.

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