Murillo confirms that his regime ordered CNN en Español to be taken off the air

The vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, confirmed in her speech this Friday, September 23, that it was by order of her regime to eliminate the cable signal of the international network CNN en Español. She also accused the media outlet of “interfering channel”.

“We want to comment on the order that the regulatory entity Telcor transferred a few days ago to all television operators, by subscription, ordering, with the authority conferred by the Law and the Political Constitution of our Nicaragua, to remove CNN en Español from the grids of cable television”.

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Taking up the statement from the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications, the deputy dictator stated that “CNN in Spanish has violated the Political Constitution of Nicaragua, which in its first article establishes that independence, autonomy and national self-determination are inalienable rights of the Nicaraguan people…”.

The spokeswoman for the Ortega dictatorship, using Telcor, pointed out that it is “the duty of all Nicaraguans (…) to preserve and defend those rights. The right to inform is a social responsibility and must be exercised with strict respect for the principles established in the Constitution.

Murillo confirms that his regime ordered CNN en Español to be taken off the air
Nicaraguan regime turns off the CNN signal in Spanish in the country

“On the other hand, Law 919 of Sovereign Security of our Nicaragua, whose provisions are of public order and of supreme national interest, guarantees independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and self-determination as inalienable rights of the Nicaraguan people,” he added.

Accuses CNN of “meddling”

The deputy president described the international chain as interfering, stating that the Security Law “defines as threats to sovereign security any act of interference in national affairs, as well as any illicit act or activity that threatens the integral development of the person, the family and the community.

Murillo confirmed once again that his dictatorship was the one that ordered Telcor to take CNN off the air, stating that “Telcor, fulfilling its functions and powers that have been conferred by laws and decrees, is obliged to ensure the protection, defense and preservation of the principles, rights and guarantees established in the Political Constitution and other laws on the matter.

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“This communication from Telcor makes clear to our people and the world the objective reasons for our inalienable national sovereignty and justifies the decision of the regulatory body (…) to suspend transmissions in Nicaragua of that interventionist channel»he remarked.

The wife of dictator Daniel Ortega justified this new censorship by assuring that her regime wants to “make it clear that national sovereignty is not discussed, it is defended and that is what we are doing every day with a vocation for freedom, dignity, fraternity; that is our blessed and always sovereign Nicaragua, always dignified, always heroic, always brave, always free.”

Claro contradicts Ortega's decision and affirms that censorship of CNN en Español was
Claro contradicts Ortega’s decision and affirms that censorship of CNN en Español was “by orders of the provider”

For his part, the journalist and presenter Fernando del Rincón pointed out that the Nicaraguan government is “denying Nicaraguans news and information from a network they have trusted for 25 years.”

The censorship of this medium is added to the closure of some twenty religious and community radio stations, as well as local television media, which the Ortega dictatorship, through the Institute of Telecommunications and Post Office (Telcor), has ordered to be taken off the air in the recent months in Nicaragua. CNN was the only international channel that reported news about the political crisis in this country on Nicaraguan cable stations.

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