Los pilotos confían más que nunca en sus mecánicos

Drivers trust their mechanics more than ever

That motorcycling is a team sport is something that the riders are in charge of constantly remembering, despite the fact that they are the ones who mostly take the glory when it comes in the form of a podium, victory or title. However, if the bike does not go moderately well, no rider will be able to win and, with the problem that has been generated in Termas de Río Hondo due to the lack of material, riders now feel more than ever in the hands of their mechanics…

The drivers of the 16 affected teams know that, if the material arrives on Friday, there will be extra work, against the clock and with fatigue in the pits. According to a member of the Mooney VR46 team, “the assembly of the box takes three hours and then four hours per motorcycle, that is, it will arrive very precisely on Friday morning and work will be done all day on Saturday without sleeping. and with a lot of fatigue accumulated in the body”. And that is in the best of cases, if the boxes that are stuck on the damaged plane in Mombasa (Kenya) arrive. If it doesn’t arrive, Dorna hasn’t said what would happen yet, and keep in mind that the next test will be the following week in Austin, Texas.

In this way, fabio quartararo He said the following at the official press conference: “I hope that the missing material arrives on time, but we have everything here. It will be a challenge for the mechanics, because they will have a lot of work and Saturday will be a long day, although for TV it will be very good.

Miguel Oliveira, who comes from winning with his KTM in the rain in Indonesia, says: “We are only missing one bike, but other teams are missing everything. It will be a challenge, especially for the mechanics.” And Johann Zarco: “It is hard for the teams that have not received anything, because the 48-hour work will be done in one day, but Pramac has it all.”

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