Casa de las Américas commemorates Book Day in Cuba

The president of Casa de las Américas, Abel Prieto, today evoked the Cuban Book Day, instituted by the creation on March 31, 1959 of the National Press, under the leadership of the intellectual Alejo Carpentier.

From his profile on the social network Twitter, Prieto recalled the words of the Miguel de Cervantes Prize winner and author of emblematic works, including The Kingdom of this World, who considered the triumph of the Revolution as the end of the “times of loneliness”. ” and the beginning of solidarity.

The Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, meant that it is always a good time to enjoy the literary adventure that a book gives us, he encouraged reading and learning and recalled the phrases of the Caribbean nation’s intellectual José Martí related to the subject.

Cuban poet and editor Teresa Melo, cataloged as one of the main lyrical voices of the 1980s, recognized “those who write, edit, design, compose, print, load, transport, promote, sell and buy.”

He also mentioned the upcoming Havana Book Fair, scheduled for April 20-30, with more than 276 guests from 32 countries, dedicated to Mexico and characterized by the presence of 96 exhibitors, distributors and publishers from nations such as Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela.

During a press conference held this Wednesday, Santiago Ruiz, cultural manager of the Aztec nation’s embassy on the island, reported on the attendance of 20 authors and their multiple visions from poetry, essay and narrative.

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