Driver registration in the Cobretag system for toll payment advances slowly

In the parking lot of the La Bandera terminal in Caracas, one of the points to install the Cobretag, there is a day that will last until May 14, so that drivers can install this smart charging device for free. So far, the system is only operational at tolls in eight states of the country. Drivers complain that many times there is no system when paying the fare and they must do it in cash or at a point of sale

One week after the start of the digital payment of tolls throughout the country through the Cobretag system, in Tazón located in Hoyo de la Puerta, user registration is progressing slowly due to ignorance about this device and lack of willingness on the part of drivers . Others wait for the system to be installed throughout the country’s toll network, to pay this tax only digitally, that is, through the Cobretag and not in cash, as happens in some cases.

In the facilities of the Tazón tollbooth, the place of entry and exit from Caracas to and from the center west of the country, the digital payment of this road tax began on May 3, but on the morning of this Wednesday the 10th, in three of the eight lanes that make it up, several vehicles could be seen in a row, mainly heavy cargo and buses leaving the capital.

To speed up the process -however-, in each of these lanes there are at least two or three people identified with the Cobretag logo of the company coppermexwho walk up to the vehicles to offer the option of making the payment through points of sale.

Several of the drivers who were lining up to cross the toll in the Aragua direction, and who were consulted by SuchWhich manifested “not being well aware” of the operation of the system, the payments and the places to acquire the device, so they still continue to make their payments with a debit card or in cash.

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Other people, who said they were part of the new intelligent payment system, expressed their satisfaction with the agility with which the registration process and the payment of the tax are carried out “No delays or wasted time.”

“There are several toll booths that already have it, for example, in Aragua the system is installed at the La Cabrera toll booth, which borders Carabobo state, and in Villa de Cura, bordering Guárico state,” the driver of a bus said. minibus.

He added that both the registration and the balance transfer to the Cobretag application is a simple and easy-to-use process.

Driver registration in the Cobretag system for toll payment advances slowly

heavy duty vehicles

For their part, several owners of heavy-duty vehicles (trucks with five axles or more), assured that they agreed with the implementation of this system, because it makes it easier for them to pay and thus avoid having to look for cash or digital bolivars. In addition, “less time is wasted”, they highlighted.

However, some carriers indicated that they have not installed the device because the system is not yet available in all states of the country, which for many means “an extra expense in the amount of per diem assigned for each trip.”

«It has happened that I deposit for the Cobretag and I also have to give cash to the driver to pay manually, in case intelligent payment is not possible, either because the toll does not have it installed or it is not yet in operation due to a lack of system or because the balance has not yet been reflected in the account. Where am I going to get more money to give him 130 bolivars per toll, if I already deposited the one I had for that,” said the consulted carrier who preferred not to be identified.

Others noted that “a lot is said about these smart payments at tolls. Apparently, the system is in several states, but I have gone through some of those that say they have and They don’t have a system or it’s not working yet.”said Ramón Jiménez, owner of several heavy-duty vehicles.

Jimenez explained to SuchWhich who have installed the device in their personal vehicles, but do not intend to install it in their company trucks, because they prefer to wait until the smart payment system is more advanced in the rest of the tolls in the country.

These testimonials coincide with users of the digital payment system who have expressed their discontent, through Cobretag’s social networks, because many do not have the money transfers made to pay tolls reflected in their accounts.

The company responds to the concerns of users, requesting payment data to expedite the process.

Cobretag free installation procedure

He Transportation Institute of Caracas (Intrac) informed through its social networks about the free installation day of the Cobretag digital payment device, which began on May 5 and will run until Sunday the 14th in the parking lot of Terminal La Bandera, running from 8 :30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Driver registration in the Cobretag system for toll payment advances slowly

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Tazón tollbooth workers -by the way- also reported that the only vehicles exempted are those with green, blue and red license plates, which belong to the Government. They explained that the releases in the counterflow channels are carried out from Monday to Friday from 4:00 am to 9:00 am in the Caracas direction.Driver registration in the Cobretag system for toll payment advances slowly

Other installation points for the Cobretag are located at the Tazón tollbooth and at the Maitana wide highway at Km 8 (Charallave via Maracay).

Driver registration in the Cobretag system for toll payment advances slowly

Which are the states in which the Cobretag payment system is already installed?

Portuguese State: La Lucia toll, Boconoito toll and Los Hijitos toll.

Lara state: Simón Plana toll, Jacinto Lara toll and Libertad toll.

Falcon State: Los Médanos toll, Boca de Aroa toll and Los Pedros toll.

Trujillo State: La Libertad toll, Buena Vista toll, Quebrada de


Yaracuy State: Caseteja toll, Pozón toll, Hato Viejo toll, La


Anzoategui State: Mesones toll, Los Potocos toll, San Juan de

Unare, Guanipa toll.

Sucre state: El Peñón toll.

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