Villa Clara, the province with the most cases of theft and slaughter of cattle in Cuba

MIAMI, United States. — The province of Villa Clara registers in 2023 the largest number of cases of theft and slaughter of large cattle, the digital portal reported today cubadebate.

The official media that in that territory of the center of the country some 53 head of cattle are illegally slaughtered daily, on average, according to figures from the Department of Genetics and Livestock Registry of the province.

“Only in the first quarter of 2023, the province lost two animals every hour, a fact that consolidates it as the Cuban territory with the highest numbers in the theft and illegal slaughter of cattle and horses,” he published. cubadebate this Friday.

Authorities from the livestock sector in Villa Clara point out that 60 percent of the reports of theft and slaughter of large cattle so far this year correspond to cattle, while the other 40 percent represent equine thefts.

“All the municipalities grew compared to 2022, although the most worrying increases are in Manicaragua, Santa Clara, Ranchuelo, Placetas and Camajuaní. Only those territories concentrate 62 percent of the cases,” Roberto Pérez García, the head of the Department of Genetics and Livestock Registry of Villa Clara, told the official website.

The critical area in terms of the theft and slaughter of large cattle is in the provincial capital and in the municipalities that surround it.

In this sense, experts point out that the existence of a larger population center in Santa Clara and therefore a better market to sell meat, undoubtedly conditions the growth of robberies.

It is, clearly, a phenomenon that is far from stopping due to “the lack of efficient control mechanisms and the low resolution of the events reported to the authorities.”

The most common way to kill a cow is to remove it from the pasture and take it to a quieter place to finish the job. There she slits her throat and since at that moment the animal gives a single mooing, it does not attract much attention.

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