Diresa Junín: "Removing masks could increase covid-19 infections"

Diresa Junín: “Removing masks could increase covid-19 infections”

The Minister of Health, Jorge López, announced yesterday that the in closed places, except in hospitals, on public transport and for those people who present symptoms of contagion of COVID-19 or another respiratory disease.

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The measure would take effect from October 1, after the publication of the supreme decree in the official newspaper El Peruano. The use of masks is optional in open spaces, closed spaces with ventilation, educational institutions for students and teachers.

In this regard, the regional director of Health of Junín, Luis Zúñiga Villacresis said that this could cause an increase in infections, since the mask is a protection mechanism against Covid and other respiratory diseases.

“You should not remove your mask yet, until there is a further decrease in positive cases, we are still with 120 a day,” he specified. He also asked people to at least complete their vaccinations.

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For her part, the head of epidemiology at the Carrión hospital, Karem Aliaga, said that the use of the mask in hospitals is essential, due to the multiple hospital-acquired infections, which are recurrent, especially by relatives who do not wash their hands well or do not use them properly. the mask.

“Often there are relatives who do not sanitize their hands and when they are in contact with their hospitalized relatives they cause contagion, which has been evidenced on different occasions, when people inside the facilities tested positive for viruses and bacteria, infecting their patient,” mentioned.

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