Do you need a job?  this is your chance

Do you need a job? this is your chance

If you are out of work, this Friday, September 23, you have the opportunity to get a place in the job that invites the Ministry of Labor for San Juan de la Maguana and Villa Altagracia.

They will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The day of San Juan de la Maguana will be held in the Assembly Hall of the town hall, located on Calle Independencia esq. Cabral, while the one in Villa Altagracia will be in the Territorial Office of Employmentlocated on Autopista Duarte No. 34 next to the National Police headquarters.

The San Juan de la Maguana service company has 36 vacancies, which are: Accountant, accounting graduate with at least one year of experience, and sales supervisor who is a university student with experience in the area.

In addition to, advisor and sales promoter, who must be high school graduates and have immediate availability.

Also requested: Maintenance Assistant who is a bachelor’s degree, has Immediate availability and knowledge of maintenance in general; rubber and auto mechanic, both with the eighth grade approved and experience in auto mechanics; and liquidator, he must be a bachelor.

Likewise, the following are needed: Distribution coordinator, distribution driver and forklift operator, who must have an approved eighth grade, a current category 3 and 4 license and immediate availability.

Also: Warehouse manager, warehouse assistant and merchandiser; They must be university students with knowledge of storage and at least one year of experience in similar positions.

The Villa Altagracia service company has 53 vacancies available, which are: Accountant, who must have a degree in accounting with Office knowledge and at least one year of experience; and billing assistant, who must be a bachelor’s degree with experience in the area.

Also needed: Sellers, cashiers and gondoliers, these must be graduates with experience in the area to apply or similar positions.

In addition, they request: Warehouse manager and delivery assistant, these must be university or high school students with experience in warehouse or related and responsible areas.

In the same way: Supervisors of housekeepers, corridors and truck drivers, who must be university students, with experience in the corridor sales area, category 3 and 4 license per day, and immediate availability.

Also needed: Butcher with experience in meat cutting and security officer, both with the minimum eighth grade approved and immediately available.

The Ministry of Labor clarifies that the recruitment process depends on each company, some of them take a little longer, due to the nature of their vacancies.

The use of masks is recommended for attendees as a preventive measure.

Those interested please register on the website: or call the telephone numbers: (809)- 557-5360 for San Juan de la Maguana; (809)-559-3186 and 829-585-0431 for Villa Altagracia.

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