Dida asks clinics not to charge advances to patients

Dida asks clinics not to charge advances to patients

The Directorate General for Information and Defense of Social Security Affiliates (dida) called on public and private health centers to provide medical care to people in emergencies as established by the Constitution and the General Health Law, in addition to eradicating undue charges to members when they find themselves in this situation, practice prohibited by law 87-01 and resolutions issued by the Superintendence of Health and Occupational Risks (Sisalril).

The owner of the dida, Carolina Serrata Mendez, He called on members to go to file their claims with that institution if their social security rights are violated, and at the same time asked health centers not to continue with this practice that violates social security laws and regulations.

Law 87-01, on Social Security, establishes the responsibilities of the Health Service Providers (PSS) and determines in article 181 the offenders of the Family Health Insurance (SFS), among which are the PSS in case of making deposit and advance payments.

In a note sent by the didait is indicated that the official spoke in a panel organized by the Esta Noche Mariasela program, in which the lawyer Aldo Peguero also participated, who after losing his wife on December 28 due to pancreatic cancer in a clinic in Santo Domingo , a deposit of 200 thousand pesos was demanded, after making the payment they took him to the legal department, for a recognition of debt for one million 200 thousand pesos, which he had to make in installments of 200 thousand pesos per month, conditions of the center for the delivery of the corpse, according to the legal professional.

Peguero formalized his complaint for collection of deposit and retention of the corpse in a Provider of Health Services before the dida. At the time of his death, his wife was affiliated with an ARS.

“We are working and doing a complete investigation, we want to create a precedent with this case, because there must be a system of consequences for the clinics who commit this type of infraction,” said Serrata Méndez.

Serrata Méndez concluded by urging members to report any type of irregularity, whether due to improper charges for emergency care, retention of bodies in health centers and related issues through the social networks @didardo “as well as in our headquarters located in the Social Security Tower number 33, on Tiradentes Avenue, widening Naco, or access our website www.dida.gob.do where we have all services available 24 hours”.

According to the information, Dr. Antonio Cruz Jiminián, director of the Cruz Jiminián Clinic, and Dr. Luis José Díaz Estrella, treasurer of the Dominican Association of clinics Private (Andeclip), who presented their views on the situation.

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