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San José: They arrest a man with more than 1.5 kg of marijuana

Authorities in San José arrested a man who was carrying more than a kilo and a half of marijuana buds hidden in his car.

The confiscation occurred when members of the Highway Police Y republican guard They were carrying out police control tasks in a toll area of ​​Route 1. At a certain moment they saw how a vehicle that was heading east tried to avoid the landmark with reckless actions and returned to the road in the opposite direction.

The agents immediately began a pursuit that lasted several minutes and culminated in the arrest of the driver. The capture occurred at the height of Old Route 1 and Tabaré Street. This within the jurisdiction of the 11th section of San José.

After conducting a review, the agents wrapped 1,570 grams of marijuana buds in supermarket balls that he had in the trunk of the car. Likewise, they also seized 23,613 Uruguayan pesos.
The agents detained the driver of the vehicle and put him at the disposal of the Liberty Prosecutor’s Office. Subsequently, he appeared before the 3rd Round Freedom Court, which ordered his formalization.

The Prosecutor’s Office charged MJAA, 25, with the commission of a crime of trafficking in prohibited narcotic substances in the form of transport and possession not for consumption. Precautionary measures were established to substitute prison for 90 days.

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