Decree promulgated in the Official Gazette that eliminates the use of the mask in open places

In the Official Gazette, Executive Decree No. 37 was published this Monday night, which eliminates the obligation to wear a mask. in open spaces and the face screen by Covid-19 and also dictates other provisions.

In its article 1, the decree indicates that the sanitary measure of the mandatory use of the mask in open spaces or outdoors is lifted, where the minimum physical distance of one meter between people can be maintained. And it adds that in those open places where this distancing cannot be met, such as stadiums, open-air markets, concerts, lines to enter activities or facilities, among others, and in closed spaces, the mandatory use of the mask is maintained.

The regulations also dictate that the sanitary measure of the mandatory use of the face shield in mass public transport, school buses, and in customer service personnel in prepared food outlets, restaurants, bars and the like, be lifted.

While in article 3, religious congregations are authorized to carry out mass activities such as processions and others. To this end, they must comply with biosafety measures and current regulations (use of a mask, hand hygiene, physical distancing, etc.) and request it in writing at the corresponding Regional Health Directorate.

The decree entered into force in Panama from this Monday, March 28.

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