Daniel Abugattás reveals that Pedro Castillo offered him to be prime minister: "I accepted, but he never called me again"

Daniel Abugattás reveals that Pedro Castillo offered him to be prime minister: “I accepted, but he never called me again”

The former head of Congress revealed that the President of the Republic, offered him to be head of the ministerial cabinet and he accepted, but after that he did not communicate with him again.

Abugattás pointed out that the head of state invited him for coffee to talk about the needs of the country and at one point presented him with the possibility of being president of the Council of Ministers.

Pedro Castillo invited me to have a coffee in an apparently quite interesting conversation regarding the will to do things to change, to serve vulnerable peopleto the abandoned, to the needy”, declared the former legislator in dialogue with RPP.

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(Has anything he told you been done?) Absolutely nothing, it’s more He offered me the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, but he did not tell me why (…) I did accept the premiership when he offered it to me, but he never called me again”, he added.

Next, he said that, during the campaign for the second round of elections, Castillo Terrones sought him out to be his spokesperson, but he clarified that he refused because he was not in optimal health and did not see a serious environment either.

They let me know during the second campaign that he was looking for me. I had no interest in participating. She was not in a healthy condition to do it, nor did she see intentions and a serious environment to make it worthwhile.“, Held.

Daniel Abugattas also referred to the link between the president peter castle and the secretary general of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerronand the presumed interference that the latter would have in the decisions of the Government.

He is a prisoner, not only politically, but also ideologically. I think he is mentally conditioned. I think that Pedro Castillo has reached that level, to a level of total uselessness. Man cannot breathe if he is not under the shadow of Cerrón (…) When this type of dependency occurs it is because there is something very strong behind”, declared the former president of Parliament.

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