Policía apresa dos robaron hasta la gorra de un taxista en Villas Agrícolas

Police arrest two stole even the cap of a taxi driver in Villas Agrícolas

The National Police reports the arrest of two men accused of assaulting a taxi driver in the sector of Agricultural Villages, National Districton May 16, being stripped of 7,000 pesos, a cell phone, a watch and a cap.

The detainees are Jose Manuel Suarez Lopez (a) El Flaco, 19, and Albertico de los Santos Pichardo (a) Colú, 34, who, when interviewed, admitted the facts and that the stolen money was spent for their benefit staff.

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They added that the cell phone is held by a man nicknamed Wiley and/or Teardropwhose location is activated.

The preliminary report states that Suarez López (a) El Flaco and De los Santos Pichardo (a) Colú boarded the taxi on Duarte Avenue, corner of 42nd Street in the Capotillo sector, requesting a service to 40th Street of Christ the Kingbeing in these circumstances that, after arriving at the avenue the martyrsfrom the sector of Agricultural Villageswas held at gunpoint by both of them, stripping him of his belongings.

The detainees are in control of the Public ministry for the corresponding legal purposes, while we urge the nicknamed “Wiley” to be delivered by the means that it understands pertinent.

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